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Hey how you doing it is mt heard the credit king- and I want to welcome to this video and today we're going to be talking about check systems.

Removal proof I know.

Sometimes you just got to have a little bit of proof to make sure that it works right.

That things are getting cleared off of the report.

So just going to kind of give you a couple examples that uh you know that we've been able to help our clients get some things removed and uh, so we'll be back right after this little bumps.

Okay, welcome back! This is empty of the credit kang, and if this is your first time to this channel make sure you subscribe all right.

We talk about everything, credit and we're gonna start adding some financial enhancement, um earning more income, get your finances together.

Videos, because one of the things that um affects people's credit is their finances.

All right.

Credit is a very important part of the finances.

So not only do we want to talk about fixing your credit, we also want to make sure that you have a better relationship with money so that your credit never gets into this situation again.

Okay, so also make sure the notification bell.

So then we add any new videos you get notified so today we're talking about check systems, removal- and I just want to kind of give you some examples, just just a few to show you that this this absolutely does work.

So, let's get into it all right.

Let's talk about our friend jimmy here, all right um.

When jimmy came to us with his check systems, uh challenges uh the date of the report he had was 6 10.

Now, that's not the that was just.

He already had the report all right.

I just want to kind of show you the date of the report.

So you know whenever you get yours, just kind of give you some things to look at, but this is what he sent us and um um.

So this is what he sent us um and if you come down to where this is the information that they um that checks this is you know where all the reported bad information is right in the report information.

So, as you can see, he has td bank uh, bbnt and td bank okay.

So you can see with some of this information um he has balances all right.

He has a balance there as well too, so there's some balances here and um and they were on his his report.

Okay, so then we had a letter that went out okay on august 31st, and we sent this letter by a certified mail.

It gets their lickety split.

Somebody has to sign for it and, of course we had td bank td bank and bbnt okay.

Then he got a response: um that was dated september 3rd, okay, which means that in that that time frame, of course, the report probably got uh got to him a little bit later, but this report was created on on september 3rd and if we, if we scroll down, we can see um that right now the only things left on this report is bb t okay, so it went from three accounts to just one, and we just recently sent out another letter to take care of this last account all right.

So you can see the process working all right.

I want to show you something where it wasn't all all the way complete, but the process is being worked on so once this accounts be removed, uh, whatever bank he goes to and they they look to do a search on um check systems and they won't find it and he'll be able to open up an account at a major bank all right.

So let's do another one all right, so I want to go full vulnerability here, be fully vulnerable and open and show you my report.

Okay, this is my personal check systems report.

Yes, that's empty herd is modern, troy hurt okay, so you can see right here.

This was the bank all right and if you go here since information has been removed from the consumer file check system either due to the result of reinvestigation, because the retention period of disputed item has been expired, so you see the date june 30th 2020.

Yes, yours, truly um.

Mr m.c heard the credit king wasn't some check system challenge, and now I was able to get a um.

I was able to get a um.

What do you call it? Uh um, a credit union account, but I needed a big big big boy bank account right because it was some things that I wanted to get accomplished and, as a result of me sending a letter for myself and really battling this, this process um, I was able to get myself cleared up now, I'm at two major banks um.

I have business accounts at two major banks, um working on some lines of credit, and so just want to.

Let you just want to show you that the process does work.

So um there should be a link above and uh the I icon.

It should have popped up, there's a link in the description area as well, too.

Listen if you're on ews or check systems um.

You know, I know what show just one for check systems, but we have some some removals for ews as well too.

We'll make a new video for that.

But let's get let's get you going: okay, um! Let's, let's, let's work on that that process.

We have a program where you can do it yourself and you have access to all the letters you have access to videos on what to do and you can do it on yourself.

Do you do it yourself, there's also um uh.

You know, and the good thing about doing yourself is that you learn how to do it so that you know what to do not to be in that situation.

Then we also have a program where we do it for you.

It calls a little bit more because of the uh the time that it takes, and you know sometimes we have to send out letter letters uh.

You know several times not just once or twice, but uh either program.

We have we're here to help you with getting that that bank account that you need all right so empty heard.

The credit king and we'll be connected with you soon.


How do I clear my ChexSystems report? ›

How to clear up your ChexSystems report
  1. Get a copy of your ChexSystems report.
  2. Dispute errors in your report.
  3. Settle your debts.
  4. Request removal of negative information.
  5. Other possible actions.
  6. Consider a second-chance checking account.
May 6, 2022

How do I see my ChexSystems report? ›

Use the new ChexSystems® Consumer Portal to access your information and submit requests. Click on the Register button above to create an account or the Login button to sign into an existing account.

How long does it take for ChexSystems to update? ›

If there's an item on your ChexSystems report that you can't have removed manually, it usually takes five years for it to fall off your report on its own.

How long does account abuse stay on ChexSystems? ›

Our current practice is to retain record of reported information for a period of five years from the report date unless the source of the information requests its removal or ChexSystems becomes obligated to remove it under applicable law or policy.

How do I get off bank blacklist? ›

What to Do If You Are Blacklisted
  1. Request Consumer Disclosure Report. ...
  2. Report Any Discrepancies. ...
  3. Dispute Any Errors Found. ...
  4. Pay Off Outstanding Debts and Fees.

What happens when a bank reports you to ChexSystems? ›

A ChexSystems investigation may take up to 30 days. If the information in your report turns out to be accurate, you may owe money to your bank or a collection agency. You might be able to work with the bank or collection agency to arrange a payment plan if you can't pay the entire amount at once.

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