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This is THE LAST home for sale in the Retreat by Pulte Homes. This neighborhood is right up the street from Liberty park has around 60 new construction homes that have sold in the past couple years. This model has a FULL walkout basement, ranch layout, and 1900 square feet of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths! One of the very few new construction homes for sale in Twinsburg Ohio.

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If you're looking for new construction homes for sale in Twinsburg Ohio we're at 3145 Aspen Lane, this is a new build by Pulte in a polti neighborhood, one of the very few new construction homes available in Twinsburg.

This is actually the last one left in this development, so there's about 60 homes in this neighborhood there's just one street the great thing about this, as you can see, it's snowing, but the HOA takes care of all of your landscaping and snow plowing of the driveways and sidewalks in the streets.

So it's very low maintenance.

You can see the property.

The lot sizes are a little bit smaller, so they're much easier to take care of, and that's really what people love about living in this neighborhood is the convenience.

Most of these homes are one floor living.

So it's very easy to take care of this.

One that we're going to see here is a ranch.

So it is one floor living three bedrooms: two full bathrooms 1900 square feet with a full walk out basement.

Not all of these in here have full walkout basements, which is really cool.

So this is the front door here.

Obviously we're going to go in the garage, because, if you're living here, you're probably going to pull into your garage, it is Northeast Ohio and it snows a lot.

So you do want to park in the garage.

So this is a two-car garage.

They do still have a little bit of cleanup to do here as soon as you walk in this door.

There's this great little mudroom space, there's extra room over here.

If you want to put a bookshelf or a shoe rack or something, and then they have this nice little closet here as well, we're going to go off to the right here that door on the left is the basement and then the store on the left again is a linen closet for the First full bathroom here, which is right next to the first bedroom.

So this better is a pretty decent size.

They do have a nice little walk-in closet here, pretty standard size bedroom.

Now we're gonna head down the hallway here and I'll.

Show you this great Kitchen in one minute, but I want to take you to this first bedroom, which is right by the entryway.

There is a great little coat closet as soon as you come in the front door there, and then there is this second bedroom here also.

This is a little bit smaller than the first bedroom, and if you only need two bedrooms, this would be a great office space or workout space.

There is a closet in here, but let's go check out the kitchen, so you can see how open this space is.

This kitchen has granite countertops, all the cabinets are higher quality, soft, closed doors and drawers on those they're, stainless steel appliances, a gas range and cooktop and I love how the backsplash goes all the way up to the ceiling.

You also have this really nice walk-in Pantry here and I love this under mount stainless steel sink in the island, because it puts your prep area open to this huge living room and sun room space.

Now the sunroom has a door over on the left, and you can put your or I mean on the right side.

You can put your own deck out there, most of the houses that do have a deck on them and they have this great living room space in here polti makes really great use of their space in these houses.

So this is only 1900 square feet, but it does feel huge and that's what a lot of people love about these houses, especially the ranch layout, so we're going to take a look at the master bedroom.

But this is the laundry room, full laundry room.

They have a nice utility sink in there, there's plenty of room to put an extra shelf and if you really want to- and then right across from that is the spacious master bedroom.

There are three windows in here: there's a ton of light.

Then you have your master bathroom.

You have the double sinks, the mirror.

That goes all the way across there's a lot of space in here actually, and they have a really nice tile shower they put in those rimless glass doors, which always looks really nice in here then, over to your right, you have a large walk-in closet tons of space in here we're going to go down to the basement through the kitchen back to where the garage entry door is it's right across from there, and not all these houses in here have walkout, basements or basements at all.

Some of them are just on slabs, so this is really nice.

This is a ton of space, another 1900 square feet of space down.

Here you have that walk out to your patio.

You could put a hot tub out there, just a lot of space.

That would be really easy to finish, and it's already plumbed for a second bathroom if you want to put that in as well, so that is three one.

Four five Aspen Lane a brand new polti build last one in here for sale.

Subscribe to this channel hit that notification button we're going to try to hit some more new construction homes in this area.

Show you what these new builds look like.

Polti is doing the entire Geauga Lake neighborhood lots of single-family houses over there.

Townhouses I have a feeling those are going to go pretty quickly.

So uh stick around and thanks again for watching.

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