If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It! (2023)


If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!


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I have 100 minecraft players here and whoever builds the best house in one hour gets a real house.

This is baloney server start the game.

I'm gonna go tell them.

Whichever one of you builds.

The best looking house gets a real house.

Good luck! Oh! Is this a basketball goal? Okay, he got a driveway tp to me right this instant, the pineapple, oh.

If he makes spongebob's house that might win him a house.

Oh my gosh.

I think I see another pineapple over there.

His skin is spongebob.

Look at him.

We noticed you're building, spongebob's house, big boy, and if you look over there you'll see someone else's no way.

Someone can now build spongebob's house, it's kind of looking like a mango man.

You better step it up.

You viewers are probably wondering how can you compete in something like this just hit the subscribe button down below and we're actually going to give 10 000 to someone who subscribes to the next week.

Jimmy have you ever seen a house with chicken legs? Well, I'm judging based on.

If it has chicken legs, it's been roughly 15 minutes and look at everything.

Everyone has built so far.

This is going to be hard to judge it's not supposed to be easy to give away a house jimmy and our special guest for this video is tubbo he's in a different call, and he can't hear us what is carl doing carl's just running on her build, not even helping first, he wakes me up and now he doesn't even assist.

That's messed up.

Look at how terrible this pineapple is.

It looks like a house from someone who doesn't want a house.

Oh carl, look at your chicken leg house, yeah jimmy the more and more.

I look at this chicken leg house, the more I just want to move right now, jimmy it's been my dream to live in a tree house and look how cool this one is.

Obviously right now it looks pretty terrible, but I see the potential he has no mind keep working.

Oh, we should do one of those like like the little eyebrow windows on the roofs.

I don't know what you're talking about the eyebrow windows double's got some steep competition to his left, a brim house.

What bruh, meme house, I don't see anyone so like someone just built a brim house and left yeah.

How do we never catch them even if they won? I wouldn't be able to give them their house because they're not here if they can complete this.

I think this was top three hello.

What is up your building is massive.

What are you doing? I'm trying to make a skyscraper? What are your thoughts on your competitors? Houses, I'm just really shaking right now and stressing, if you're better than all these houses over.

Here, you get a house.

Good luck thanks! I don't know if it will necessarily be good, but I like how it looks so we're gonna go with.

It judge! Stop what you're doing.

I got a challenge for you boom.

I just dropped a stack of 64 tnt and here's a flint and steel.

You have one minute to sabotage whoever you want: hey jed.

You know you don't have to.

I mean that's true, but it would be fun though right it would be funny jedi, llama jedi.

Oh my god, jenna you savage jedi! Look at it! Look at it notice! How the house didn't explode, it was a test and you failed the test badge.

Sorry all right, I'm gonna try out mr bacon.

Let's see if he has the heart of gold uh, mr baekhyun, hey.

How are you doing, mr bacon? I have a challenge for you: here's a stack of 64, tnt and flynn steel.

You have one minute to sabotage whoever you want, you don't have to sabotage anyone, but if you want you can I think I'll play some, but I won't light it off I'll, just kind of like sneak it in the inside here.

Somebody stop this madman, so bacon.

Are you igniting it or not? No! Well, then, congratulations bacon! You just passed the test and bacon.

Since you were the first person to not try to screw over another player, I'm giving you a chandler chandler awesome, it's more of a hindrance.

Mr bacon.

Tubo's house is starting to look pretty good, not gonna lie.

Oh, we still have to do the inside yeah you get walking on the inside.

Do the floors do the floors? Oh my gosh next house time is up.

Oh our house is perfect.

It's too late to add anything else.

We gotta go with what we got.

We are going to go through and judge every house.

Starting with this one and don't forget: whichever house gets the highest score, gets a literal house.

It's definitely creative.

I'm gonna give it a five, not the best house.

I've ever seen, I'm giving it a five as well.

I'm gonna go four.

He is currently in first place with 14 points, because it's the only house we've judged.

Okay, this one has potential whoa, there's even oh, oh look at the name of the fishes, jimmy chandler carl carl you're, the clown fish, I'm okay, he said you're a clown.

What are you gonna give him after that? Oh he made a scarecrow that is cool.

Okay, I'm gonna go seven and a half for the swing.

I'm gonna give him a seven and a half as well, I'm giving him an eight.

He is in first place with 23 points, carl it's time for the first spongebob house.

Here we go before I go inside.

I just want to point out: there's nothing in the backyard this pineapple.

Is it wow? Okay, we got the tv, the chair, but where's gary.

Why is this all? What yeah? Why are these stairs so hard to get up? This is affecting my score.

What is he doing credit where credit's due he did put a lot of effort into this creativity-wise, pretty obvious we like cartoons, I'm gonna, give him a seven and a half.

I'm sorry blue on skye.

I'm gonna have to give this a seven, I'm going six and a half.

Well, luckily, this isn't our only pineapple.

Maybe one of the other ones got it right and next is the skyscraper.

Did he even put anything in it or is it just hollow? It is hollow, but hear me out.

He got all of this done in the same amount of time it took this guy to do that.

I'm gonna give it a eight.

I don't know if I'd live here, considering it has nothing I'll give it a six.

Even though we had the kid in the call earlier- and I liked him still gonna have to give it a seven one of those six seven eighters.

The next house is floating, but it's missing a roof.

He didn't even finish.

Mom came in his room, I was like johnny you gotta go to school.

I could win a house mom poor, johnny, ten 10., this one's definitely creative 10.

He recreated the up house, it's the house from up 10., the guy that owns this house is named carl.

How am I supposed to there? He is get in here how'd.

He do that? Oh that's, pretty creative dude! I gotta give this a eight and a half carl overjudged.

I wouldn't say it's a ten.

It's a ten! I'm gonna have to subtract a point from my score to counteract carl, so I'm gonna give him a seven, give it a seven and a half.

I don't think it's a perfect house 25 and a half congrats on first place.

Oh pandas out front bro.

This is from club penguin.

This is the dojo.

It's karjitsu, dojo yeah! This is a nine.

This is a nine for sure.


Give him an eight.

This is the first place now whoa up.

Next we have another spongebob house.


He has squidward patrick and spongebob yeah, but to be fair in uh, spongebob they're side by side.

This is more diagonal.

There's nothing in patrick's house.

He neglected the interior six four all right.

He lost.

He can't win.

No all right, mr bacon.

Welcome back to the call hello carl come on come on check out the upstairs.

I like the rooms, I'm gonna, give it a nine I'd, live here, chandler.

What are you rating it? This is an eight and a half.

I'm gonna, give it a seven bacon.

Are you happy with your rating yeah? That sounds pretty good you're not in first place, I'm sorry! Okay! Next house! I love you.

This next house is in a snow globe.

I think that's very creative and then you're in the oh, my gosh you're in a snow club first person to use dogs all right.

I'm back from my doctor's appointment.

I'm gonna judge the next house.

It kind of reminds me of um sandy's house.

Oh yeah.

I get that like the dome.

Wait, a second chandler.

What happened to your voice? What do you mean? You got dumber wow.

It hurts, if you don't forgive me, you'll, be on my naughty list dude.

This might be my second 10 out of 10.

I like it a lot.

This is very creative, I'm giving it a nine nine.

He is currently in first place victory.

Oh that's cool this guy's claiming victory before we even give it to him.

Look at the basement for a secret.

It says trust me, I'm crewmate or venting mr b secret tnt story.

Oh nice, the chess, a l-o-o, that's funny! Oh there's shrimp on the ceiling, I'm giving them an eight I'll, go eight and a half nine didn't win.

That was close, though that's a good one.

Oh wait! Listen to the jingle when you get closer! He made this.

Oh, this is the innater difference.

Evil incorporated, I'm gonna be completely honest.

This is the most amount of work I've ever seen.

Somebody put into it.

I'm thinking I'm giving it a ten nine.

Well guess what boys I give it a zero because it already won dang dude carl.

I know you're about to rate the chicken leg yeah, but before you do, I'm gonna give it a five.

So I can't win what up tubbo hey it's time for us to rate your house, you want to show us around tubbo I'll, give you the tour so um, it's much more of an outside house than an inside, because the inside's a little bit cramped and upstairs we've got like.

Let's not go upstairs we're back over.

Here we have.

We have a lovely little path that goes to a barbecue area where we're making no burgers, then over.

Here we made a christmas tree, uh coral 10! Thank you carl.

This is a solid six and a half.

You know what, since chandler gave you a six and a half I'll give you a 10 just for the memes, because you still didn't win whoa.

It was good, though it was good.

It just wasn't the best tub.

Oh you have five seconds to say whatever you want, um hello, it's over goodbye, so save mr squishy.

How old are you? I am 16.

squish, I'm just gonna say it.

You had the highest rated house and you just won a brand new house.

Oh my god.

What is going through your mind? I mean this is absolutely insane.

I was in the middle of class here squishy.

Can you call your parents I'll be right back hello? Your son just won a house for real yeah.

Is this like a prank? No, your son literally just won a house, so all those hours have paid off.

Oh, am I on the television uh youtube, I'm on youtube? Oh no, video! Thank god, because I don't have anything on please subscribe to mr beast gaming.

You heard it from stay.

Mr squishy's mom subscriber we'll see you in the next video.

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