Eagle Idaho vs Meridian Idaho [WHICH AREA IS BETTER?] (2023)


You're moving to Idaho and wondering if Eagle Idaho or Meridian Idaho are a better fit for your lifestyle. In this video, we cover the differences between Eagle Idaho and Meridian Idaho so you can decide which Boise suburb is best for you!

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You're looking to move to the Boise Idaho area and you're, looking at the suburbs of Boise, Meridian, Idaho and Eagle Idaho, both right outside of Boise, you want to know what is the best option for you, so we're going to dive into the differences, the similarities, the pros and cons between those towns in this video.

So, let's get started first with Meridian and what you're going to find there versus Eagles.

So in Meridian this is going to be a more affordable than Eagle.

Eagle is going to be the highest price point in all of Treasure Valley right now, sitting a little over nine hundred thousand dollars for a median price versus Meridian, where it's sitting down closer to around a little over six hundred thousand dollars, so you're going to find, generally speaking, larger, more expensive, just bigger homes in Eagle versus Meridian.

Of course, you'll still find nice large size homes in Meridian as well, but you're going to find your much higher end luxury homes in Eagle versus Meridian.

Now, both Meridian and Eagle are actually fairly well built out.

At this point, there's still some construction going on in Eagle, some in Meridian, more in Meridian versus eagle, Eagles, pretty well built out.

There's construction, that's happening is pretty much going towards Star Idaho, which star is kind of going to become the next Eagle I have a whole another video comparing star and Eagle, where I dive into those.

But if you are looking for brand new construction homes generally speaking, then Meridian would be a better option for you.

There are some new construction communities right on Chinden, so again, North Meridian, basically bordering Eagle, also West, Meridian and then South Meridian as well, is we're going to find those brand new construction homes.

The eagle again is because it's built out and just like Meridian 2 you're, going to find a lot of really well established, neighborhoods with very mature trees.

So if that's what you're? Looking for in the Treasure Valley, you know established communities, nice, beautiful homes and your budget is going to be in that at least 600 000 up to about a million dollar range, then you're going to be right in the sweet spot for finding pretty much anything you like in either of these towns.

Now, of course, eagle has much more expensive homes going well into the 10 million dollar range, which is going to drive that median price up, but generally speaking, if you're looking for homes 800 to 1.2 million in Eagle you're going to be fined in Meridian, if you're looking for homes, 600 000 to 800 900 thousand dollars, then you're gonna be fine in that area as well.

So it's just really gonna depend on your budget and how much you're willing to spend and where you're going to land in either of these communities.

Now Eagle is built right into the Foothills, so part of it is flat right up against the river and then it flows into the Foothills, and it actually goes up into Foothill communities.

It's not technically Eagle yet, but it looks like it's going to get annexed soon and that's hidden springs and Cartwright Ranch and then I believe Dry, Creek, Ranch, I, believe all of those are getting annexed into the city of Eagle here soon and you also have avamor up the Highway 55, which is part of Eagle as well, so it does kind of spread out or extend into the Foothills as well.

So these are really awesome.

Cool communities to check out if you're looking for a little bit more country feel still really nice beautiful homes in master plan communities, and you can certainly check those out.

If you want to be closer to the river, then you're going to want to look at two rivers or Lakemore.

Both of these have a combination of gated and non-gated communities within them.

Price ranges are going to be.

You know, generally speaking, 800 000 up to two million dollars for either of these communities and there's just all kinds of cool little Boutique shopping, all around eagle and just I.

Absolutely love going here.

You've got Reed, Merrill, Park I, don't live in Eagle, but we love going to Reid Maryland Park.

In particular, we love going to Kachi restaurant as well.

Kachi has just a really great happy hour.

Great Wood, Fired Pizza as well Eagle just has so much to do.


Mail Park is just really great for the kids.

It's a massive playground, huge grassy Fields.

What's really cool too uh Memorial Day Fourth of July, they set up all these flags on the field.

Of course they play soccer there as well.

They got basketball courts, but then it's just easy access right to the river down a little walking path.

Big Steel Bridge! You can hang out right on the banks of the river there when it's calmer during the summer time.

Now, if you are looking to move here to the Treasure Valley you're, looking at Meridian, eagle or somewhere else, all you gotta do is reach out to me via phone text or email, I, absolutely love helping people just like you and you and you, and you make the move here to Treasure Valley I myself moved from California from San Diego I know how difficult it is to make the move, and my goal is to make it just as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

I know how hard it is to leave family in the great weather in California, or maybe wherever else you're coming from and I love helping people just like you make the move so just reach out your phone text remote, whether you're nine days 90 days or even two years out, just give me a call, we'll jump on a phone or a zoom call and we'll figure out the best area for you and what makes sense for you, whether that's Meridian, eagle or somewhere else here at the Treasure Valley.

Now, of course, Meridian being right next to Eagle you're, going to have very easy access to these same amenities like the river, like the Foothills, without having to spend the extra couple hundred three hundred thousand dollars to live in Eagle.

If you're wanting to have access to other things, but not actually live in Eagle and Meridian has a lot of its own things going on it's an absolutely awesome.

Park like Settlers Park, it's going to have you know: pickleball tennis, courts, basketball, football baseball and then you've got Kleiner Park as well.

You know there's a little Pond here as well as at Settlers, Park, playgrounds, grassy, Fields, all kinds of parks throughout Meridian.

You also have Discovery Parkway and South Meridian, which is continue to develop and grow as well around that all kinds of parks things to do.

You also have the village in Meridian, so all kinds of high-end Boutique shopping right there in the village, I absolutely love going to the Village great outdoor mall they've got Lululemon.

I love wearing blue lemon I.

Go there occasionally for that, but also just it's really fun to do during Christmas time.

They turn it into.

Basically a Santa's Village, so they've got photos with Santa they've got the ice.

Rink they've got the water fountains time to music.

It's absolutely beautiful and gorgeous and again just a lot of higher end shopping.

Boutique shopping restaurants as well.

Now Eagle, of course, is going to have some nice high-end Boutique shopping as well, but most of that's going to be found in Meridian.

Your Costco is going to be in Meridian.

Trader Joe's is going to be in Meridian.

Eagle does have a Home Depot as well as, of course, Meridian has a Home Depot as well.

So if you need to hit Home Depot, you have easy access to Home, Depot and Eagle, but if you're looking for Costco, that is in Meridian, but it's actually on Chinden and 10 Mile, so you're gonna have really easy access to Costco because it is North Meridian.

So, even though it's not Eagle very easy access to get to that as well.

Now, the school systems in Meridian versus eagle are actually going to be rather similar, they're, both very highly rated school systems, so for researching on niche.com, which I really highly recommend that you do you're going to find that all the schools in Meridian and Eagle are rated A, minus or higher.

So a minus, a A plus all really great, solid schools as far as the educational aspects of them.

There are also, of course, a lot of charter schools in Meridian, some in Eagle and private schools throughout as well.

So you really can't go wrong with the school system in either town and again you actually have school choice in Idaho.

So if you want to send your kids to one particular school, you can choose to do that.

However, keep in mind that there is usually a wait list to get in and if you're going to an unassigned school you're responsible for transportation for your child, let's touch a little bit on traffic patterns, also in Meridian and ego now, just because you live kind of right in the center of everything.

Meridian is really the center of the Treasure Valley and then you've got Eagle.

There can be a lot of traffic to build up, especially during rush hour.

For you know, people taking their kids to school going to work, Eagle Road is particularly bad and Chinden is bad as well.

So you just got to plan extra time to get around when you're going out around those times.

So in the morning you know seven o'clock nine o'clock afternoon, four to six kind of time frame.

It can take longer to get around because there's a lot of stop signs, a lot of stop lights and there's a lot of people that live in Meridian, in particular about 130 000 people, Eagles, smaller I.

Think around 30, 000 or so, but there's just a lot of people in smaller roads that get congested now.

The Healthcare System here is going to be awesome too.

You've got plenty of options, particularly in Meridian.

All of your major hospitals like St Luke's, St Al's, that's going to be in Meridian also urgent cares are throughout Meridian and Eagle as well.

Eagle does have the Saint Alphonsus Health Plaza, which is eagles only full emergency Trauma Center.

It also has internal medicine, Pediatrics Cardiology, Medical, Imaging and physical therapy, as well as a pharmacy and occupational medicine.

Well, that was everything about Meridian Eagle.

Comparing the differences between those two areas.

I hope that helped you decide what area makes sense for you, but you probably want to dive into a little bit more detail that I can go and video here.

So all I got to do is reach out via phone text or email and let's have a zoom call with you or we can do a phone.

Whichever is more convenient for you, whether you're nine days 90 days even two years out.

Just give me a call shoot me.

A text shoot me an email, we'll hop on that call and we'll figure out what makes the most sense for you absolutely love.

Helping people relocate here, just like I did.

If you're looking for more freedom, better quality of life, a little more affordability, Idaho might just be the right spot for you and I'd love to help you with that move.

So don't forget to hit subscribe.

If you like videos like this, it's going to help the channel Channel and help you get notified every single week when new videos come out to help you make that move here, and if you are looking to know more about Treasure Valley, all you gotta do is watch this video right here.

We dive in more deeply and I'll see on the next video.


Is Meridian Idaho a good place to live? ›

Meridian, ID is one of Livability's Top 100 best cities in America, scoring high marks for its environment, health and safety. Read more about why Meridian is a good place to live.

Is Eagle Idaho a good place to live? ›

Reason #2: Low Crime Rates

Eagle, Idaho is a safe city with consistently low crime rates. According to the most recent data, the city's overall crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, making it a great choice for families and individuals who value safety and security.

How far is Eagle from Meridian Idaho? ›

There are 6.06 miles from Eagle to Meridian in southwest direction and 8 miles (12.87 kilometers) by car, following the North Eagle Road route. Eagle and Meridian are 13 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop . This is the fastest route from Eagle, ID to Meridian, ID.

What's the crime rate in Eagle Idaho? ›

Eagle Annual Crimes
Number of Crimes47131
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)1.464.08

Where is the most desirable place to live in Idaho? ›

The List: Best Places To Live in Idaho, According To Experts
  1. Boise. Placeaholic finds Boise an easy top. ...
  2. Moscow. Moscow is a great small-town option, recommended by most experts as one of the best places to live in Idaho. ...
  3. Meridian. ...
  4. Idaho Falls. ...
  5. Eagle.
Feb 16, 2023

Why are people moving to Meridian ID? ›

Meridian has less crime compared to the national average. 6. Strong economy. Residents have higher than the average median income, and the area also has a low level of unemployment.

What are winters like in Eagle Idaho? ›

Winter Weather in Eagle Idaho, United States. Daily high temperatures increase by 9°F, from 42°F to 50°F, rarely falling below 23°F or exceeding 61°F. The lowest daily average high temperature is 35°F on January 2. Daily low temperatures increase by 4°F, from 28°F to 33°F, rarely falling below 9°F or exceeding 42°F.

What is the safest area to live in Idaho? ›

First on our list is Rexburg. In Madison County, Rexburg offers its citizens a safe and secure atmosphere. According to SafeWise's 2020 report, Rexburg was named the first safest city in Idaho, with an overall crime rate of 11 per 1,000 people.

Is Eagle Idaho wealthy? ›

The New Richest City In Idaho Is Guaranteed To Be A Surprise

Based on the average income for the city, $148,399 per household, Eagle residents rake in almost $10,000 more than the second-place city of Sun Valley. Hayden Lake came in 3rd place with an average household income of 111,684.

Does it snow a lot in Eagle Idaho? ›

Eagle experiences some seasonal variation in monthly snowfall. The snowy period of the year lasts for 3.1 months, from November 15 to February 17, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Eagle is December, with an average snowfall of 3.2 inches.

What is the racial makeup of Eagle Idaho? ›

Eagle Demographics

White: 91.12% Two or more races: 4.85% Asian: 1.77%

Is Eagle a suburb of Boise? ›

Sitting northwest of Boise and just outside of Meridian, Eagle is one of the best suburbs of Boise, Idaho, for young families to settle into. With proximity to downtown Boise, Eagle is also known for the Eagle Island State Park, which offers a swimming beach and even an exciting zip-line course.

Is Eagle Idaho in a flood zone? ›

Does Eagle have Flood Risk? There are 2,483 properties in Eagle that have greater than a 26% chance of being severely affected by flooding over the next 30 years. This represents 40% of all properties in Eagle.

What is the crime rate in Meridian Idaho? ›

Meridian has an overall crime rate of 9 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Meridian is 1 in 111.

How safe is Idaho compared to other states? ›

Even the most dangerous city in Idaho is relatively safe compared to the most dangerous cities of other states. The Idaho violent crime rate is 227 violent crimes per 100,000, which is well below the national average.

Is Meridian Idaho in a flood zone? ›

Meridian's watershed consists of four creeks that are mapped by FEMA as Special Flood Hazard Areas: Fivemile, Eightmile, Ninemile, and Tenmile Creeks.

What is the racial makeup of Meridian Idaho? ›

White alone, percent 87.2%
Black or African American alone, percent(a) 1.3%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a) 0.4%
Asian alone, percent(a) 2.3%
54 more rows

What are winters like in Meridian Idaho? ›

Average Temperature in Meridian

The cold season lasts for 3.0 months, from November 19 to February 19, with an average daily high temperature below 47°F. The coldest month of the year in Meridian is December, with an average low of 25°F and high of 37°F.

What is the healthiest town in Idaho? ›

The vibrant city of Boise, Idaho continues to come out on top of many top lists taken for best areas to live and work in the nation and recently, we have done it again.

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