Downtown Hamilton, Ohio - both sides of the river! (2023)


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Today we are walking in Hilton, Ohio! #Wander
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1. What camera do you use?
I shoot most walks on a DJI Pocket 2 or my iPhone 14 Pro Max. For drives, it's the same cameras - but on a dashcam mount.

2. Where do you live?
I live in the southeastern United States. Kentucky, specifically.

3. What do you do for a living? I work in the coffee industry. That’s all you’ll get from me on that.

4. How do you pick the locations that you film?
I film in places that I go for work, and also in places that I travel to - finding amazing travel deals is a bit of a hobby of mine.

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Okay Wanderers looks like we are live and walking in downtown Hamilton Ohio got to say this is a place.

I know absolutely nothing about um, so I, don't really even know where to go.

I just parked the Beast right over here and we are at the corner of Third Street and High Street, hey Fox Tech.

How are you good to see you all right? Let's try and straighten out this gimbal a little bit.

Oh we'll just uh walk and try and straighten it out as we go better and that's a little bit too much there.

We go I! Think that's good.

Okay, I'll stop fussing with it.

Okay, so, like I said, Hey Ron, hello, hello, um I am in Hamilton Ohio and we are doing a live.

Walk I'm, exploring a city I've never been to I was going to go to Cincinnati, but then I started looking around at places near Cincinnati.

That I haven't been to yet and Hamilton caught my eye.

So I don't know anything about Hamilton, but let's check it out.

Hey Sarah, welcome, welcome, I'm, doing well, I hope, you're doing well too.

Hmm uh there's a sign down here that says German Village, so I want to check that out, see what it's all about.

It is uh kind of cold.

So, let's see we'll do a weather check to get started today.

Hamilton 30 degrees, 30 degrees, that's not very many degrees.

All right well, I am uh duly sorry for the lack of streams.

Lately it's been cold very cold.

There was an ice storm.

There was all kinds of stuff and a bit a little busy at work, so I apologize for that, but I'm back and I'm streaming and I'm excited to be with all of you remember.

We are less than 50 days now from our trip to Japan.

So that's coming soon and I've been doing quite a bit of uh prep work for that bucket list trip of a lifetime.

Let's see what German Village is like: hey, Colleen, hello, good to see you, it's like a really old YMCA over here.

So Hamilton is Northwest of Cincinnati proper, not too far from Dayton Ohio, very old town from what I saw coming in oh YWCA, not YMCA, so a young women's Christian, Association, hello, Yara, welcome very old church over there too YWCA, and this is apparently German Village.

It looks like an old neighborhood, barbecue restaurant happy, bunny, hello, good, to see you a cool old building.

It's almost like a castle.

Ron says: is it far from Cleveland, yeah, yeah I think we're about maybe three and a half hours south of Cleveland an hour south of Columbus Southwest of Columbus.

Maybe an hour and a half some I may be a little bit off there.

Yaris says: what's the temperature now it's 30 degrees Fahrenheit here a little bit of sunshine.

Warming me up it's a pretty day, but it is cold for sure.

That's, a really cool old building too.

Look at that.

One really neat all right: Third Street Music here, maybe a recording studio.

Oh look at the sign on the building up there, March 25th 1913, the flood level was up there.

There is a river that way we'll go check it out.

Here, in a little bit, let's say a public library right up here on the corner and I have seen a lot of Social Service type buildings, so I do get the sense that maybe a little bit of hard times in the area in terms of public support, halfway houses that sort of thing but I might be over reading into what I'm, seeing yeah, really amazing old library building.


Look at this, that is, cool, I love, the brick sidewalks too there's another flood level sign so I guess the flood was kind of a big deal here in 1913 I've got all these signs.

German Village! Oh look at this house, the Lane hooven house yikes.

This is what is going on with the gimbal sorry guys too much there.

We go that's about right! All right! Let's check out this house wow! Look at this! It's very pretty the Lane hooven house built in 1863, hey yari's here.

What's up Yari, that is a cool looking house really neat.

This whole neighborhood is really pretty.

Isn't it lots of cool old homes and beautiful weather today, so this little area of Hamilton is called German Village, Charming, brick, sidewalks, brick, roads, old Victorian homes, pretty neat Sarah, says bet that house is haunted, probably so, or at least purported to be foreign looks like uh.

The end of German Village is up at the end of the next block and maybe some factories down the road Beyond.

Maybe we should go down this way.

Let's walk to the end of the block, a little grocery store there, ham store it connected very pretty Yari, says nice weather it is it's really beautiful, really pretty out here all right, I think we go back this way now.

Sarah says it's beautiful in Wales, too I, don't doubt it Wales was one of my favorite places.

I've ever been, we had such good weather, exploring the coasts all the way from Cardiff all the way up to landed, no gorgeous place.

All right, so I think we'll go right here see if we can walk down to the river there's a business up.

There called a game night board, game, parlor and Tavern.

That sounds interesting.

Doesn't it a board game Tavern? You already asked where I parked the Beast back on High Street, that away just found a parking spot on the street and hopped out to start walking uh.

We are uh celebrating today by the way, we're almost at our anniversary of the channel, which is on February 22nd.

Oh look at this one: wow hey Leela! What's up, but not only are we about to start year three we are almost to 3 000 subscribers, so we should hit that in this stream today, pretty darn exciting.

So two full years of bit of a wander and that'll happen on February 22nd Navy Seals, as you can escape Ohio I love, Ohio, there's a lot of diversity in Ohio in terms of different types of cities and lots of small towns, river towns, big college towns, Great Lakes, the Ohio, River yeah.

It's a cool place, there's a lot going on.

It's a big state but yeah.

It should be a a day of Celebration as we roll over 3 000 subscribers.

Look at this blue house.

That's pretty! So this is Second, Street, I! Guess we'll walk down this street and then come back to Second Street.

This blue one is really pretty, isn't it.

Thank you, everybody for the kind words.

Thank you for the support too.

This channel literally wouldn't exist without you, so just rolled over 2 000 subscribers on the second Channel, which was a big deal and now about to get to 3 000 on this channel right in time to go to Japan so year, three is going to be the the biggest year yet for the channel, as we continue to expand internationally do collaborations with other YouTubers and grow grow, grow grow also planning a beach trip to Florida go.

Do some Sunset walks on the beach, ah Ron's having some KFC tasty chicken I think this is the river up here.

I like this green one, this little mint, Greenhouse too yeah the weather today is great, so crisp and clear, it's cold, but it's nice, so we're still in German, Village, apparently Yari says Yokoso welcome to Japan, oh wow yeah, the river for sure.

Here we are look at this everybody boom right here that looks like a fairly major Factory over there and the windows all look new, so it looks like it's being kind of redone.

So let me zoom in a little I'll show you foreign yeah.

It looks like- maybe if you see up here to the left that it used to all be abandoned, and maybe this one on the right here is all being rebuilt, looks like this.

One down here is still abandoned, so maybe some stuff being rebuilt and reclaimed and I'm not sure, is that the Little Miami River.

Let me check I'm gonna, look here.

The great Miami River I'm, not sure why I wanted to call it little.

It's not very little.

It's the great Miami River and the University of Miami Ohio is right in this community as well foreign.

We will not stop, we will keep going.

You can't make us stop.

Let's go back up here to Second Street and then we'll head down Second Street.

Until we get back to High, Street keep exploring yeah we're pretty close to Miami University of Ohio in Ohio yeah Miami uh is a name that I believe is a a Native American tribe name, so you'll see Miami as a place name in multiple States I'm, not super educated.

On that front, the William C Wilkes Carriage House, so you can see the gate in the side where the carriages used to go and park.

So this the German Village Carriage House, oh even prettier, on this side, wow, look at that! That's beautiful! Very pretty! Oh Yari! Thank you for that bit of information.

Thank you, good information.

Thank you Yari.

This was Village Street that we were walking down and let's get back on Second, Street and head this way, not a ton of people out and about because, like I said, it's very cold out here today, another big old home.

Here, it's huge.

This one's been subdivided into other homes and then this one is the Butler County Historical Society this one right here, but all very well cared for meticulous cool bell too I wonder where that was reclaimed from very pretty and then another row of older homes across the street.

This one is now an insurance office I like this one, a lot and then a real estate firm up here for properties in the village.

Oh we've got a flock of geese up here on the lawn okay, let's go say: hi to the Canadian geese: hey yeah.

These homes are beautiful, very pretty properties and massive homes.

There must have been a lot of money in this community I think it was uh.

This community was founded in the late 1700s, so not too long after the founding of the country, 1780s or 1790s.

A lot of these river towns are very old.

Navy SEAL says: will you go downtown later? Are you talking downtown Hamilton or downtown Cincinnati, because I am looking to explore downtown Hamilton, but probably not walking Cincinnati today, all right? This is the Markham Park on the riverfront here and here's our friends, the geese we'll go over and say hi fairy elephant welcome home from work hope.

It was a good day, another row of little colorful homes over here, yeah very nice.

It looks like there's a Performing Arts venue over here, the statuary over here and a gang of a gang of Canadian geese over here.

Get out of here geese go back to Canada, eh whoa and a Minefield of goose poop dodged, the goose poop Dodge it dodge it.

Dodge the goose poop, oh geese, you're, making Hamilton a tough place to be stop it I'm tired of this crap, that's crap, and this crap over here it's out of control geese, but they are pretty crazy, Poopers, crazy, boopers! Oh, we got a cute doggie up here, just have to watch out for the the goose poops.

It's a minefield.

Foreign looks like some new condo buildings up here, so these are called The Markham.

Building right next to Markham Park makes sense.

Fairy elephant says, looks like a nice bright day.

It is it's gorgeous.

It is absolutely gorgeous here, I'm learning.

What makes Hamilton unique and cool place my first time here all right, we're heading back towards High Street, it's a cool mural over there, here's the YMCA we saw the YWCA earlier.

This is Wildfire, looks like a cool restaurant yeah.

It looks cool up here.

We've got the Hamilton Parks Conservancy, building, that's cool, so some intentional work on parks in the city.

It's honestly a bigger place than I thought.

It was going to be and I looked at it on the map.

So that's kind of cool Navy SEAL says it looks like you're.

The only person in the entire city it is, it is a little quiet.

I will say for a Saturday morning.

Leela asks the million dollar questions.

Do you research before you go to a place, or do you throw a dart at a map uh, something in between those two things: I, don't just throw a dart at a map, but I do just pull up Google, Maps and just scroll around looking at different places and kind of getting a feel for.

Does it look interesting, Are there parks are there things to see um, just flipping it around? On Google Maps a little bit and if it looks sufficiently interesting for a walk, then I just drop a pin and and head over I.

Don't do a ton of research beyond that, so this channel is really about walking together and exploring.


You know me pretending to be an expert on Hamilton Ohio or the places that I visit, because I'm not I'm, I'm a Wanderer, and so this channel is more about going and exploring and seeing new things, and you know as much as possible as many times as possible, going to some place.

We've never been before so that we can learn more together, looks like a community garden over here.

Look at this.

This Garden is by Arts based artists.

Please do not enter without an invite, so it's winter, of course, but you can see, said Rosemary over here.

We've got some herbs, but I bet.

This is really pretty in the middle of the oh wow holy crap.

Look at that a bird Taking Flight marrow yeah, so uh picking places to visit I just find a place that looks interesting and believe it or not.

That's what I did for my Japan trip too I just moved Google Maps around the whole country, looking at interesting, looking places and then made sure I could get there via train and and went for it.

I like that mural! That's cool Layla really wants to live near Hilton, Head, ah beautiful, expensive, but beautiful, and this is a cool little Park here.

What's your exclamation point share your art and keep it positive.

Huh, that's cool! That's cool too! Summon growl, hello, hello, hello! Long time, no see great to see you great to have you here today, people with us so far today! That's awesome.

If you're new, please be sure to jump into the chat and say hello, I, don't see any art any chalk here, so I, don't think we'll be able to add our art here, be a better human good idea.

Love yourself! Yes, Hamilton! Yes, new views, fitting and Strauss.

That seems like an advertisement um, but whatever it's a cool old art, deco Bank building over here, let's keep exploring and download the app that's the kind of thing I don't do, but I do like Hamilton.

It's kind of neat all right.

It says here we are in the central business.


I've got a handy sign here.

We are here, that's the Butler County Courthouse right there, salmon growl, says uh two hours from Lexington yeah yeah.

It was about two.

It was about two hours, all right, there's German Village, that's where we were, and we saw that church and looks like there's a bike trail up against the river and looks like there's a park on the other side of the river.

So we should definitely go check out that Park and it looks like their sculptures in the park.

Their sculptures here, sculptures in the park, looks like there's some stuff right across the river, some shops and restaurants, and it's like tons of shops and restaurants on this block.

We'll come back down this block.


So let's uh head this way, we can check out the courthouse and cross the river.

It's the same city on both sides of the river, sometimes with a river splits.

A city you'll have two different towns, but in this case it's Hamilton on both sides of the river I, wonder if it was named for Alexander Hamilton how's it going uh YouTube yeah.

What is it about? Hamilton, uh, yeah I'm, doing a walk around Hamilton, really yeah dude? What uh? What what stuff uh the channel is called the fit of a wander yeah yep and I walk around different cities in the United States and around the world.

Hamilton! No, no I'm from Kentucky, oh okay! Yeah! That's awesome! Are you from this area? Yeah I live I live in town, but then uh, Chicago, Thailand yeah, that's great yeah I'm about to go to Japan in April.

It sounds great yeah.

We got a friend in Vietnam right now: you're welcome to Hamilton I'm, really enjoying it time's a special part.

It looks like too yeah.

They have hairy Oaks, yeah I was just down walking around Germany, Village, okay and then Markham Park down here so and then uh keep going across the bridge and I.

Don't need more shops and stuff like that.

So I'll check it out enjoy brother, hey thanks.

Man, Jr, is in the house: I just met a local hamiltonian I think they're called hamiltonians um and he was telling me he loves the city and he's a photographer.

He travels all around Daniel.

What's up Daniel's here JR's here we got the whole gang.

I love it uh, but he was telling me it's a cool place to live with a ton of Art and a ton of um a ton of liveliness in the evenings.

So he was telling me where to get where to go for karaoke and everything, a very nice guy, very nice guy, oh and here's, an art gallery and boutique right here, happy bunny, everywhere I go right.

Uh people want to talk to the guy with the gimbal.

That's for sure we are Hamilton.

It says up here: um we're a city of sculpture, I've noticed that there's a lot of public art you can see on the flag there.

We are Hamilton city of school, that's pretty good foreign! This is the administrative building across from the courthouse, but we're going to go up here and cross the river Jr you're.

Welcome for doing the Clarksville walk! No problem at all I always seek to uh.

If somebody tells me that they'd like to see a place- and it's kind of in my neck of the woods I never mind to go check that place out good to see everybody here for a live stream, looks like a pretty Street down that way too.

Oh, look at the mural on the side of this one, I love that it's got, bears and ducks dudes eating Donuts I, like it all right, red light, but no traffic anywhere inside there.

This is called lintel, Park, I guess named after beans.

Let's see this park was established by the Hamilton.

What is it? Why is it called lentil, Park, Mrs Mallard and her eight ducklings? Oh, so this is by the person who did Make Way for Ducklings, very cool and we've got a kid with a dog right here.

Let's go check out the sculpture, but they love their sculptures.


That's neat I, like that public art is a good thing to take pride in, and it looks like they've purposefully left some of the bricks out here.

To give it a different kind of feel on the walkway I like that Charming, this is charming.

So it's a kid walking around with his owner harmonica with his dog, listening and walking, just behind JR says, looks like a beautiful city.

Is it cold? It's very cold.

It is very cold.

So, let's see if it got above freezing.

Yet it's 11 A.M here local time and it is yeah just got above freezing 33 degrees, Fahrenheit all right.

What do we have here? A memorial building.

It says it's open.

Um looks like a Civil War Memorial, looking at the statue on top.

Potentially this is the Frederick G Mueller building, it's an art, deco structure erected as a municipal building renamed in 2008.

It was completed in 1935.

Wow looks like a fortress.

Doesn't that look like a fortress? Oh look! It's got a bell here, how's it going like a replica of the Liberty Bell here, yeah Pennsylvania.

It says it's a it's! A full replica of the Liberty Bell I, wonder if it has a crack in it.

Nope! No crack and I love the kind of concrete sculptures here.

All right.

We're gonna cross the bridge and check out over there and then we're gonna come back over here and check out all of this stuff on this side.

So I promise we're coming back to that.

Memorial Building looks really interesting.

What a pretty day oh George is here: hey George.

How are you? How are you all right? Here's the this is called Monument Avenue, that's interesting, and this is Heritage Hall all right and we've got a it's called The High, Street Bridge, it's a cool sculpture right there, hey ravish is here hello, ravisha good to see you.

This Fountain was conceived and sponsored by the mothers and dads service.

Club Nate may all who pause and are refreshed here reflect on those who went forth from their homes to defend American freedom.

So a memorial water fountain- and this is the bike trail that runs down here along the river, so that whole thing is a bike.

Trail I, wonder how far it goes looks like a long way.

Let's go over here, so we can get a look at the the bridge we're about to cross.

That's pretty! You know what this reminds me of this reminds me a little bit of birth in Scotland, not as old, not as historic but yeah.

It's kind of the vibe I'm getting if you guys have been to Perth.

Let me know what you think this reminds you a little bit of Perth beautiful beautiful day, good night, so crisp out here.

So this uh, if you weren't here earlier, this is the Greater Miami River or the great Miami River designated outdoor refreshment area, Dora, Dora, Dora Dora in this area you can purchase alcoholic beverages and within the Dora you can walk around, so you can get a drink and walk around lots of geese out on the river way down here, we'll zoom in on the geese.

Sarah says: yes, she gets a Perth Vibe yeah yeah, oh, and it looks like there's some uh like uh.

What is it called up here across the river uh uh? It's not a damn.

Oh I forget the name for that.

Hmm, let's keep going wow.

It does look like a cool shopping district up here on the other side of the bridge neat.

So it looks like on this side where we came from that's uh called High Street and on this side of the river it's called Main Street.

So this is going to be the Rossville historic district that we're going into I.

Guess we'll walk all the way down until we get to this statue that says Embrace that looks like the end of the historic district and then we'll we'll come out and there's another famous statue here it looks like and then maybe we'll check out this historic district here and then come back to the soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument.

That's what that Monument building was all right yeah.

This is a fun walk, so we've been walking around 45 minutes, um we'll keep going.

This is a cool place, I'm very much enjoying this I hope.

Everybody else is too what a pretty pretty place and very interesting a lot bigger than I thought.

It was just looking at the map.

I guess it was next to hey Katrina's here.

What's up Katrina, it was next to Cincinnati on the map, so it looks smaller, but it it's not that small at all, it's cool! All right, let's head down to Main Street, here, check out the what'd.

They say the Rossville historic district.

Let's see if we've gotten that uh that subscriber Mark yet uh we are so close.

We are two subscribers away.

So if you're new here to the channel subscribe, you could be.

Oh look at this: the dream of hamiltonia relaxing by the great Miami hamiltonian dreams.

She dreams of children, presenting her with the helmet of Hope, a symbol for a brighter future right here, yeah.

So if you are new to the Channel, please become a subscriber.

You might be yeah number three thousand, what an honor that would be for you.

So those of you who are already subscribed, no subscript, no unsubscribing and then subscribing again you're already part of the team.

Oh look at this geese here, I like this too.

This is Riverside Mallards.

It's ducks! It's pretty! Let's go! Look at it! Yeah! That's really! Nice! No wait! Wait! Boys! So that's a plus Audi's here in the chat.

Thank you to all my mods, who are here Ron and Audi.

I see you.

Thank you so much great great to have you here.

Oh, we are one subscriber away now from three thousand: hey Rockaway you're here hello, good, to see you Rockaway siren from Canada.

We saw some of your geese earlier in case you're missing them.

We have them down here if you've been looking for them.

Oh yeah, look at that bit of a wander 3, 000 subs! Thank you.

Thank you.

Everybody who just subscribed, hey Ian, what's up what's up y'all, thank you so much what a milestone: Sushi, burritos roll on in sushi burritos wow, that's cool and Rise, and Shine brunch, but seriously 3 000 Subs in two years.

Um! Thank you.

Thank you.

So much really really appreciate you guys spending time with me.

This channel is a labor of love and it really is all about all of you and wanting to spend time with you.

It didn't really change there.

Did it 3 000 there.

It goes all right.

Let's check out Main Street JR says the first three thousand of a million.

That would be something wouldn't it you guys be able to say you're here at the start.

Oh Rockaway says: there's some geese in Canada that stick around all year.

I did not know that I thought they all kind of migrated.

That's the word.

I was looking for North and South South through the winter North for the summer Etc.

These are cool.

Little stores, aren't they serif by the river, a Crystal Store, neat, petals and Wicks a scent bar welcome to Main Street.

Here's a US dollar store, yeah ravisha, who yeah they should jump into the chat and say it was me.

I was three thousand oh look at this uh Pub up here on the corner, Billy Yanks, it says 1866 that building was built crazy, nice art in the city for real yeah, really nice art in this city.

I like it a lot, that's a cool building and it looks like there's a a popular place up here.

People are waiting outside to get in.

Let's go see what that is, and I like how they've done art on all the utility boxes.


That's a cool thing.

That's a fun.

Mural looks like origami birds and light bulbs, flowers George says it seems like uh merely yesterday.

You were a random guy in te's, live chat.

That's right! I still am really.

What do we have going on here? Oh a bakery, a vegan bakery cool.

Excuse me pretty cool, so uh a lion outside the vegan bakery secretly shabby Lots going on lots to look at a lot of cool stores and restaurants.

Oh, we got five seconds, I think we'll go ahead and go for it.

Welcome to the Village parlor, so an ice cream shop here like an old school ice cream shop.

It's not open right now, but let's take a look in.

You can see the old soda counter very cool, true West coffee that doesn't sound like a bad idea, looks like it's kind of closed off here.

Let's go across the street over here.

Thank you that one made a beeping noise of it to at least tell me that it registered my button.

Push I wonder if we can go get a cup of coffee.

We probably could go right now, but we'll wait to be a good citizen.

Jr says I wonder if they still call the people behind the counter.

Soda Jerks I, don't know yeah! That's what you used to be called if you made, if you were handcrafting the sodas yeah, it was kind of cool to see oh Rockaway says, there's scandal in Toronto and the mayor resign.

Wow, I hadn't, heard that wow all the news I've been hearing lately has been about the the really terrible situation in turkey and Syria um heartbreaking, heartbreaking stuff, but it is encouraging to see the world coming together and offering support it's just such a tragedy.

All right looks like we got the light now.

Armstead park looks more like Armstead parking lot.

Oh here's one of those sculptures the person looking for rain.

It's interesting he's got his hand under his umbrella.

I'm sure.

That's a metaphor of some kind, all right! True, West coffee, please use side door.

Oh look at a drive-through going too cool I think we'll pass it looked a little busy in there.

I don't want to make you guys.


Ravisha says I'm one of the first 950.

Is there a way to tell what number you were? I didn't know that that's kind of cool Budokai, martial arts, the Legacy martial arts academy.

It looks packed wow good for them good for them all right.

Let's keep going up here, looks like Main.

Street keeps going for a little bit and then we'll go walk down and see if we can find some historic homes to look at too old service station.

It's a pretty old one here and looks like it's going to be a tequila bar soon interesting hope they don't have to knock it down.

Yeah I hope they can retain that structure for their tequila bar yeah.

It looks like some historic homes up this way, so we'll go up that way in a little bit and go see if we can see some of the older neighborhood in the historic district, russville historic district.

It is a lot of older kind of older buildings that have been maintained here, which is cool that looks like it just keeps going up the street here: wow, that's a nice little Main, Street shopping district, very alive I, very few vacant spaces and buildings looks like almost everything has a tenant in it, which is really cool to see kudos to whoever is running and organizing and planning downtown Hamilton.

Ohio nice job, pat on the back to you, Hamilton Planning, Commission, very neat I, like this blue building up here.

The main circuit so I recognize this building.

This used to be a video store and looks like it's been repurposed, so they're, even not knocking down the the old video stores and reusing them.

That's cool, very historic shopping center right here, restville Shopping Center, it's Hamilton's, Urban backyard, maybe a Farm to Table Restaurant there.

We could keep going that way but looks like I see a Walgreens and some other kind of national Brands up that way.

So I think we're gonna go this way and check out the city or check out some of the historic neighborhoods of the city.

One block over we'll just go one street over and then head back down towards the river looks like they're out, and this is the edge of where you're allowed to take alcohol.

So once you, you can't leave main the Main Street Zone.

What did they call that the Dora downtown restaurants and arts downtown restaurants, I, don't know Dora and Dora Dora Dora the Explorer? How would we describe our journey if we were on door of the Explorer today, German Village River Main, Street, German, Village, River, Main, Street um, all right? This is Ross Avenue in Ross, the Rossville historic district founded in 1801.


Don't know that I just read it on the side, so we are entering the Rossville historic district.

Let's go see some historic homes, backpack backpack I, guess maybe my channels are all some kind of door.

The Explorer thing, because I do an Explorer, Channel and I.

Do a backpack, Channel, yeah I just figured something out about myself: I was heavily impacted by Dora the Explorer backpack backpack, hmm yeah lots of old homes here, wow that one's pretty look at this very pretty all right.

We just hit the one hour mark on our wander today.

It's been a good one, having a lot of fun.

With this walk and there's the the male person Ron says door is in her late 20s.

So true, yep I wonder what she's up to sounds like a Saturday, Night Live sketch waiting to happen like what are Dora and Diego into in their late 20s and early 30s, that blue house on the corner.

There looks like it needs a little bit of work, but it is gorgeous.

Rockaway, says: you'd, love, Niagara on the Lake near Niagara Falls.

You know what I've been to Niagara Falls Twice But I've never been to Niagara on the Lake I'll.

Look it up! Is it a an old Community like this yeah, a lot of cool homes in this in this little District here I, like it a lot historic, Rossville uh for those of you just joining today is a special day.

We just passed over 3 000 Subs on the channel.

Rockaway says Niagara on the Lake.

Is this and more okay I'm gonna? Look it up.

I'll put it on.

My I've got a big list of wanders to do that.

I've got saved and I'll put Niagara on the Lake on that list.

Nearby I remember to do it and I'm sure I will be nearby.

I've got a Grand plans to eventually do a big trip up to Eastern.

Canada I want to see Montreal I want to see Quebec City wow.

That is massive.

It's a funeral home now, but what a stately old home wow JR says.

Have you ever thought about doing this as a bike tour? You know what there's a sorry there's a couple of Walkers who do a lot of bike, stuff, um action, kid famously does scooters and e-bikes and then Johnny strides up in Toronto? Does uh bikes I'm, not a big cyclist? Now I don't have anything against it, but uh I'm, pretty simple I just like to get out of my truck and walk around good question, but yeah that Canada Trip I want to see Quebec City and the old, wild town and I want to see.

Toronto and I want to see.

Um Nova, Scotia, I'm gonna go find the treasure on Oak Island, so that'll be a trip all right.

What do we have going on down here, some more historic homes and we're coming up we're a block from the river? It looks like Miami school.

That's not the university that looks like just a historic School yeah it's now.

It's the Hamilton City School District central office, another very pretty historic building, and these are two very pretty ones too across the street.

Look at those yeah, very nice and it looks like if we headed right here, we'd get to Miami, University or Miami University, Hamilton and then pyramid Hill know anything about pyramid, Hill, I, wonder if that is an old Native, American Mound site pyramid Hill.

It sounds like it like: a Mississippian, a Mississippian, Mountain site.

I know that there's a snake Mound not too far from here in the grand scheme of things, so it might be pyramid Hills down suspiciously like it might be.

A Native American, Site Leela says Windsor Ontario is pretty yeah.

Yeah I would love to see Canada I've been into Canada and uh, but I was much younger.

Visited uh, Niagara Falls went across into Toronto.

Drank some ice.

Wine didn't even stay the night, so I was in a hurry.

It was a college visit, but yeah I definitely want to do it.

My wife wants to go on that trip.

All right looks like we're good to cross, and then we will cross this way and go back across the river and go check out that uh Memorial Building looks like we can go it's a red light.

Yari says I would love to visit.

Detroit yeah, you know what Detroit gets a bad rap I've been there a couple of times, I think it's cool, I guess.

The last time I went to Detroit was like six years ago: I really enjoyed Detroit Detroit.

There was so much good food there I get to I.

Get the sense, though, that it I mean you it's inescapable when you're there the sense that uh that it's maybe a shadow of its former self I, guess that's the way I would put it, but that it's coming back yeah, it says Detroit is coming back.

They have torn down entire neighborhoods yeah.

It's I very much enjoyed my time.

Visiting Detroit I haven't been since covet so I, don't know what impact covet had on that City that had impact on every city, I think I think in some places it really decimated things and slowed things down and rerouted huge amounts of public money changed.

A lot of plans for people and for cities looks like we've got a couple of Detroit fans in the chat.

There's more of your geese.

Howdy says it was eight years ago today when Whitney Houston passed away.

Well, how about that hello? Gooses? How are you they might not understand me? They might be from Quebec.

Thank you all right, let's cross back over into what appears to be now that I've been on this side of the river.

This appears to be more of the municipal, downtown and Office Buildings, and this side over here appears to be more residential and um shopping.

Yari says the Jaws from the bond villain movies was from Detroit.

I did not know that no I did not explore Hamilton the Arts fit in Center for the Arts Strauss Art Gallery pyramid, Hill School.

Oh, it's a sculpture, all right, so pyramid Hill is a Sculpture, Park and Museum.

So an expansive outdoor gallery with an ancient History Museum.

So I bet the ancient history museum is a nod to Pyramid, Hill and then they've also built.

That would be worth seeing.

I think huh I wonder if I've got time to go, see that pyramid Hill, let me see how far it is.

I won't be able to walk there.

Probably hmm pyramid Hill is about 10 minutes away by car.

Interesting sizable outdoor Museum showcasing a variety of sculptures in a 300 acre outdoor Museum 300 acre.

That's a lot! That's big foreign says: when are they having boat races, uh I bet they do do boat races on the like? This would be a cool place for Dragon Boat Races or for crew races.

If you're talking about the steamboat races that we did last year, that's with the uh, the Kentucky Derby Festival and I may miss that this year that may be well.

I am in Japan, so I may miss the Kentucky Derby festivities this year, I'll have to look at a calendar.

That would be a shame, but if you're going to miss, if you're going to miss something I, guess I'm in Japan, it's a pretty good reason.

One last look at the river everybody: let's go check out this Memorial there's a Fort Hamilton here on the Sun, so I wonder if there was a fort on this site.

Oh Jr, thanks for the follow I Will Follow You Back Sir, Fort Hamilton, built by General Sinclair in 1791 on his campaign against the Indians in large in 1792 and used by General Wayne in 1793., interesting I.

Guess it was on this site.

I, don't see any remaining part open, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 to 4.

it's open.

Let's go see if we can get in sorry in advance if uh I lose signal in here.

This is a big concrete building.

It might not have a cell phone signal inside, but I want to see the memorial hello.

How are you thank you so much wow? No! This is my first time here: uh I'm from Kentucky yeah, that's locally! Now, that's local enough right yeah.

So this is soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers monuments.

Please, the walls and floor are covered in Tennessee marble.

Well, the names guard the models right next to the door: okay, okay, yeah they go around the wall to all the various Wars starts um.

What you used to call the war in the Rebellion? Okay in 1861, the names come from the pioneers to the Spanish-American war of 1898.


So you won't find any world war or Vietnam because of when this was built right.

The names go for the Pioneers to expansion, American war of 1898, because it's building opened in 1906.


So the names of Marvel stained glass are all original to 1906.


The South window is the Seal of the state of Ohio wow.

The north window is the Seal of g-a-r.

A g-a-r was a veterans group okay, but it's made up Strickland Civil War veterans by Northern North.

Yes, gar stands for Grand Army of the Republic, got it they're, the ones who hired the architect.

They commissioned the artist that created the statue.

That's on top wow.

He is a military statue, but he's very unique because he's not a general world war hero he's a teenage Civil War private wow, his nickname is Billy.

Yank I saw Billy Yank on a building.

There's a restaurant yeah okay, every Soldier is awfully North was nicknamed Billy yank.

Okay, everyone in fall from the south was Johnny red, okay, Johnny Rebel, Billy, Yankee wow, and it keeps going the time's upstairs was the meeting place of the VFW okay of the gar here in Butler County yeah, the stained glass up there.

Both windows are dedicated to the women of the Civil War wow, the West window, they're, making bandages the other window upstairs is dedicated to the Civil War army nurses.

Thank you for the information amazing.

This song right here on the grand blaming River.

This is the site of the original Fort.

I saw the sign out there, so the report Hamilton was right here.

Wow, there's a model of Ford upstairs and I killed all the kids.

That was the best tree to hide behind in the Civil War that one over here, oh wow, it's got two cannonballs in it.


That's amazing: now you think about how many men and horses were hit with cannonballs.

There were also thousands of trees.

That's insane wow the picture on the table.

There is a picture of wine July 4th 1906.

wow this one right here the bridge was located where the current bridge is, but it was an all-steel truss Bridge.

The Builder said it was the longest single spam bridge in the world wow building on the right.

There is actually a street car going by oh well, yeah it is that was uh.


Seven years later, it's 1913.

wow, the 1913 flood I saw the signs on the buildings for the 1913 Club one right outside the door.

Here, wow the 1913 flood wiped out everything in that picture.

Oh my goodness, oh so yeah.

So this was about five or six years before that yeah.

The only thing left standing on the river was the monument the bridge collapsed.

Every Bridge on the River collapsed.

The courthouse was turned into a ward.

The only thing left standing on the river was this Monument, that's unbelievable wow, but we haven't had flood since then.

That is insane.

That is crazy and did you serve sir? Yes, I did thank you for your service.

Thank you.

Yeah really appreciate it.

Yeah we just took down our World War II exhibit and we got.

This is a Vietnam.

This is Vietnam the names on the front wow.

Oh, thank you really appreciate.

It am I allowed to get the one go upstairs and see the fort IES.


Thank you, sir wow, that guy was so nice and very knowledgeable, and the names just keep going up here.

Mom uniforms from veterans from all kinds of different Wars- and this is a stained glass memorializing, the impact of nurses.

So this is the only building in the town.

He said that survived the flood and we'll look at that in remembrance of my cruise in Europe China, Japan and the Philippines.

So this gentleman made this and there's Mount Fuji.

In the background wow Rockaway says this was someone's house once no.

This was purpose built as a memorial, so commissioned designed and constructed as a memorial, and this this is a model of the fort wow amazing.

Sir, thank you for sharing all the information with me.

He said: hey man, what's the name of the river out here, I said it's a great Miami River yeah I said why do they call it that says greater than the will of Miami yeah? His name is that's what I heard yeah and the the University's named after that too Miami Valley is awesome.

Thank you very, very much, sir really appreciate it.

Billy yank ee, sure three, three and a half minutes sure thank you is a 17 foot tall blonde statue of a civil war, Citizen Soldier.

It runs the butler County's soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers monument in Hamilton, the monument rises above the great Miami River at that High Street Bridge.

This filter named this makes you Victory Jewel of the soul, but people today usually refer to it as Billy deck.

The nickname given to the union foot soldier of the Civil War victory was an Innovative work.

Thieves, bronze figure is dynamic, as he explained the soldier is not saluting, but shall we the shout for Joy of, is what makes the soldier a notable figure in that day and age he is crying out or victory.

Billy egg is exceptional in another way.

This Soldier is a mere youth.

Not the seasoned Trooper, seen in most memorials decide reminds us that many soldiers who died in the Civil War were barely old enough to be dead.

Rudolph theme designed the figure of the soldier to be stick around abandons.

The figure is 100 feet in the air, a part of the sky.

The perfect sighting of the statue on the edge of the Great River made the soldier highly visible theme finish the Colossal player model of the soldier in April 1904 and displayed it and the skylit Studio he had designed to contain new work on April 20th.

The committee members came together to view the statue photograph taken from the occasion by Chris Schwinn.

The victory statue was successfully cast in bronze by the Hamilton metal pattern, works that November a small army of men placed with the 3 500 pound Soldier a hundred feet in the air to the top of the monument on December, 1st 1904.

and achievement in its own Direct Hamilton was industrial and the great bronze statue showed off what the city could accomplish in fine metal.

Casting a reporter quarter, but the statue was credited with being the largest piece of work of the kind ever cast in the state of Ohio.

He also wrote that the victory of a soldier proclaimed included the victory of modern achievement through Artisan, manufacturing and engineering love it I'm gonna go out and check it out.

Yeah really amazing.

Thank you.

So much have an awesome.

Saturday, sir.

Let's go see the statue now that we've learned so much about it.

I hope that was interesting for you all.

It was certainly interesting for me and that gentleman was so nice and a veteran too of the Vietnam War is what he shared.

There's the memorial from the outside gorgeous absolutely gorgeous we'll back up a little bit, so we can see the Billy Yang statue I, know history like that.

Isn't everybody's cup of tea but I certainly appreciate getting a chance to see it and getting a chance to hear from somebody who's, so passionate, there's Billy, yank I'm lucky that we had a cell phone signal in there honestly I remember visiting a couple of very similar monuments in the U.S and not having any signal at all.

I hear some church bells ringing.

Yeah Rockaway I got that sense too, that uh with all these people around and driving around and a big city the size that he doesn't get too many people who actually stop and come inside so I definitely wanted to be respectful, um and give him a chance to share something that he was so passionate about and something that I was curious about as well.

So pretty neat and here's another one of these public art boxes, we've got the light all right and the Beast is on this street about two blocks up, so we're walking that way.

It's been 90 minutes today it's been a fun live stream.

I hope you all have enjoyed it.

A ton I certainly have and uh yeah.

Thank you guys not only for today, but for helping me to pursue a passion with this channel.

3 000 Subs is a pretty big uh milestone for me.

Frankly, I didn't think I'd ever get to a thousand honestly here's the Butler County Courthouse, so yeah, it's pretty amazing! Thank you.

All of you.

It's starting to warm up a lot now.

This winter coat is Maybe starting to feel like a little bit much.

What is it at 38 degrees now so starting to get considerably warmer than it was cool Bandstand here at the courthouse time.

For me to find some coffee, then I'm gonna, go hang out with the family.

I do hope that everybody has a truly fantastic Saturday, Wherever, You Are and a fantastic rest of your weekend as well.

My sister's in town, so I get to see my sister tomorrow.

She lives in Norway, so I don't get to see her a lot, so I'm very excited to get a chance to spend some time with my sister tomorrow.

So I won't be streaming.

This is a cool little part of downtown here.

Isn't it foreign Rockaway says: what's 38 in Celsius, I, don't know I, don't know how to do.

The math I really should learn that Cake store yeah, it's a cool downtown.

Isn't it mocha kisses 79., hey! Thank you.

Welcome to the channel and you're welcome I love doing walks in Louisville.

It's always a joy for me to get a chance to do walks in Louisville and look at this look right here.

Look at these displays it's kind of cool.

Is that a dinosaur on the back of the Taj Mahal, all right, there's the Beast right over there right across the street.

So let's see I, guess we go this way all right! Everybody thank you, so so so much for joining me in Hamilton Ohio.

Thanks for helping me reach the 3000 sub milestone, and thank you to everybody for your continued support and uh thanks for spending your time with this channel I know, there's a lot of choices for what you could be watching and what you could be learning and spending your time on, and so it means the world to me that you decide to spend a little bit of your time with me all right friends.

We will see you next time.

Thank you so much bye for now.


What is Hamilton Ohio famous for? ›

The City of Hamilton was declared the City of Sculpture in 2000 by Governor Robert “Bob” Taft and is home to many public art installations, including Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.

Where is the Knob in Hamilton Ohio? ›

The East End, also called Gobbler's Knob or simply the Knob, sits at the southeastern corner of the city, with boundaries stretching north to 129, west to N Erie Boulevard, south to Bobmeyer Road, and east to the Fairfield Township border. Approximately 5,080 people call the East End neighborhood home.

Who was the founder of Hamilton Ohio? ›

Hamilton started as Fort Hamilton (named to honor Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury), constructed in Sept. -Oct. 1791 by General Arthur St. Clair, governor of the Northwest Territory.

What is Hamilton Ohio zip code? ›

What movie was made in Hamilton Ohio? ›

1. Dark Waters. Summary: Filmed throughout Hamilton, Ohio, this movie is actually based off a true story that happened in Hamilton. A corporate defense attorney (Mark Ruffalo) takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company that exposes a lengthy and shocking history of pollution.

What celebrity is from Hamilton Ohio? ›

Ray Combs

Ray Combs was born on April 3, 1956 in Hamilton, Ohio, USA. He was an actor and writer, known for Overboard (1987), Family Feud (1988) and Me & Mrs.

What is 17 strong in Hamilton ohio? ›

17Strong Advisory Board.

The purpose of 17 Strong is to provide a framework for communication and sense of identity and to rally individuals, groups, and other organizations to take pride in their particular corner of our city. This is a Subcommittee of Council.

Where is the best place to live in Hamilton Ohio? ›

The most popular neighborhoods in Hamilton are Enterprise Park, Jefferson, Highland Park, and Lindenwald. Enterprise Park consists largely of residential homes.

What is the oldest building in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Benninghofen House
Architectural styleItalianate
NRHP reference No.73001388
Added to NRHPMay 17, 1973
8 more rows

What is the nickname of Hamilton Ohio? ›

During the Roaring 20s, Hamilton acquired the nickname "Little Chicago" because of the influx of many Chicago gangsters who had either purchased or built 2nd homes in the city. The city became an active gambling community that also supported prostitution.

What is the crime rate in Hamilton Ohio? ›

The chance that a person will become a victim of a violent crime in Hamilton; such as armed robbery, aggravated assault, rape or murder; is 1 in 203. This equates to a rate of 5 per one thousand inhabitants. In addition, NeighborhoodScout found that a lot of the crime that takes place in Hamilton is property crime.

Who were the first settlers in Hamilton? ›

Loyalists fleeing from the American Revolutionary War were the first Europeans to settle the area.

Who is the mayor of Hamilton Ohio? ›

Hamilton's Mayor and City Council

Current members Include: Pat Moeller, Mayor. Michael Ryan, Vice Mayor.

Is Hamilton Ohio rural? ›

Hamilton Township is a suburb of Cincinnati with a population of 29,882. Hamilton Township is in Warren County and is one of the best places to live in Ohio. Living in Hamilton Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes.

Where is 45011? ›

What motorcycle movie was filmed in Cincinnati? ›

'The Bikeriders' features Austin Butler, Tom Hardy and more celebrities. HAMILTON — The Austin Butler-Tom Hardy movie “The Bikeriders” began filming around the Greater Cincinnati region, and on Thursday, the iconic Jolly's on Brookwood Avenue took center stage.

What are they filming in downtown Hamilton? ›

'The Invisibles' stars Tim Blake Nelson, Gretchen Mol and Bruce Greenwood, Daniel Nolan writes. A fantasy romance called “The Invisibles” will be filming in Hamilton for the next month.

What movie was filmed at Hamilton Pool? ›

The 1990 movie The Hot Spot, the 2007 film Teeth the 2010 film Predators, the 2011 film The Tree of Life, and the 2015 music video for the song "Charlie Gray" by the Dallas-based indie-rock band Valise all filmed scenes at Hamilton Pool.

What are 2 famous people in Ohio? ›

5 Famous People from Ohio
  • Annie Oakley (1860-1926)
  • Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)
  • Toni Morrison (1931-2019)
  • Steven Spielberg (1946-present)
  • Simone Biles (1997-present)
May 1, 2020

Do any celebrities live in Ohio? ›

Cleveland is home to some of the most famous American celebrities from Academy Award winner Halle Berry to TV reality star Khloe Kardashian. Most of the celebrities from Cleveland chose to move out to Los Angeles, but there are some continue to live there, mostly for work or deep family ties.

What is the maximum alcohol content in Ohio? ›

The following are key points that impact Ohio licensed businesses that manufacture and/or sell beer products in Ohio with an ABV of greater than 12 percent: There is no longer a cap on ABV for beer products manufactured or sold in Ohio.

How many beers is 17 shots? ›

A fifth of vodka is equal to 25.36 oz of beer. One ml is equal to 0.033814 oz. A fifth of hard liquor like, Irish whiskey, equals 750 ml. If you serve beer in a standard shot of 1.5 oz, it will reach approximately 17 shots.

Where was the 4th Ward in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Hamilton's Second Ward takes in the area east of the Great Miami River, south of Sycamore Street, north of Knightsbridge Drive, and west of the CSX railroad line. The Fourth Ward, also known as the Jefferson neighborhood, is east of that.

What is the nicest part of Hamilton? ›

The central Westdale Village shopping area is a favourite with locals, cultivating true small-town feel away from Hamilton's downtown. Westdale is a good starting point if you are looking to rent or share a house, as the large student population means there may be more renting options than other areas.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Hamilton? ›

Top 5 Most Affordable Hamilton Neighbourhoods
  • 1 – Glanbrook: Binbrook, Mount Hope. ...
  • 2 – Hamilton East: Homeside, Normanhurst, McQuesten, Parkview. ...
  • 3 – Hamilton West: Kirkendall, Durand. ...
  • 4 – Hamilton West: North End West, Central Hamilton, Strathcona. ...
  • 5 – Dundas. ...
  • 1 – Ancaster. ...
  • 2 – Waterdown.
Jan 17, 2019

Where is the cheapest place to live around Hamilton? ›

Hamilton's three most affordable neighbourhoods are Crown Point North, Durand North, and Central South. The region's most luxurious neighbourhoods, Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs and Durand South with average prices over $1.1 million.

What is the oldest house in Ohio? ›

The Betts House, built in 1804, is the oldest surviving building in Cincinnati and the oldest brick home in Ohio.

What is the oldest residence in Cincinnati? ›

The Betts House, built in 1804, is the oldest surviving building in Cincinnati, and the oldest brick home in Ohio.

What is the oldest part of Ohio? ›

Established in 1788, Marietta is the oldest city in the state of Ohio, and the first official American settlement territory north and west of the Ohio River. Known as the “Riverboat Town,” it is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers.

What are nicknames for Ohio people? ›

People who live in Ohio are called Ohioans and Buckeyes.

What is Cincinnati nicknames? ›

Cincinnati claims ownership because the city became known as “The Queen of the West” as its population grew in the late 18th Century with Americans pushing westward along the Ohio Valley.

What is the city of Hamilton named after? ›

The city of Hamilton was named after George Hamilton (1788-1836) who set out the first plan of the town about 1820. The area was first known as The Head-of-the-Lake for its location at the western end of Lake Ontario.

What is the safest city in Ohio? ›

The safest city in Ohio is Broadview Heights. This city is a suburb of Cleveland and has a population of 19,242. Broadview Heights has an extremely low crime rate of 110 per 100,000, which is 95% lower than the Ohio state average.

What city has the highest crime rate in the state of Ohio? ›

In Cleveland, the largest city in Ohio, the main types of crime are violent crimes, including assault, robbery, rape, and murder. In fact, Cleveland had the highest violent crime rate in Ohio in 2020. Property crimes, including burglary, theft, and car theft, are also prevalent.

What city has the highest crime rate near Ohio? ›

Most Dangerous Cities Ohio
RankCitiesViolent Crimes
70 more rows

What tribes are from Hamilton? ›

The first people to inhabit the area now known as Hamilton were the Tainui iwi (tribe) of New Zealand's indigenous Maori population. The history of Hamilton and the surrounding area is dominated by the Waikato River, the city and region's defining geographical feature.

How many waterfalls are in Hamilton? ›

We're home to more than 100 waterfalls tucked behind the trails of the Niagara Escarpment that cuts through the city. We invite day-trippers and weekend warriors to get to know some of our most popular waterfalls and their surrounding attractions and food experiences (to help you refuel for your next adventure).

Where did Hamilton live before he died? ›

When Hamilton retired from the government, he settled down quietly in what became Hamilton Heights in modern-day Harlem. He built a house—a country estate called The Grange at 141st Street. It was completed in 1802 and was the only home Hamilton ever owned.

Who is the youngest mayor in Ohio? ›

Cleveland mayor

Kucinich was elected mayor of Cleveland in 1977 and served in that position until 1979. At age 31, he was the youngest mayor of a major city in the United States, earning him the nickname "the boy mayor of Cleveland".

Who owns Hamilton city? ›

Hamilton CIty Centre officially has a new owner. IN8 Developments took possession of the downtown mall on Dec.

How many neighborhoods are in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Hamilton's seventeen neighborhoods can be described in three general categories: urban, traditional, and suburban. The suburban neighborhoods consist of largely separated single-use zones.

What is the quality of life in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Quality of Life in Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton is a safe harbor to raise a family, worship as you choose and build a 21st century business. The National Association of Homebuilders voted Hamilton, Ohio as one of the 25 best places to buy and own a home in the entire U.S.A.

What's it like to live in Hamilton Ohio? ›

Hamilton is a great mix of fairly large city and small community. There are some rather large malls and shopping centers nearby, but plenty of small businesses and shops as well. There is an adorable downtown area with lots of small coffee shops to hang out in and study.

What is the cost of living in Hamilton Ohio? ›

The average cost of living in Hamilton is $1928, which is in the top 20% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 1894th out of 9294 in our global list, 1755th out of 2202 in the United States, and 65th out of 89 in Ohio.

What is the closest city to Cincinnati Ohio? ›

What is the city closest to Cincinnati Ohio? Covington is both the closest and largest city near Cincinnati OH.

What is the sales tax in 45011? ›

What is the sales tax rate for the 45011 ZIP Code? The estimated 2023 sales tax rate for 45011 is 6.5%.

What city is 76133? ›

Home – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth.

What is a cool fact about Hamilton Ohio? ›

The city is recognized for its support of the arts and features a a wide variety of sculpture in the downtown area. It was labeled "The City of Sculpture" by an Ohio governor. Hamilton includes high-tech manufacturing facilities. In 1794 the area was known as Fairfield.

Why was Hamilton Ohio called Little Chicago? ›

During the Roaring 20s, Hamilton acquired the nickname "Little Chicago" because of the influx of many Chicago gangsters who had either purchased or built 2nd homes in the city. The city became an active gambling community that also supported prostitution.

What is the popular street in Hamilton? ›

James Street North

With its diversity of buildings, activities and people, the area is a real hub for shopping, galleries, and restaurants.

What is the city of Hamilton known for its production of? ›

Hamilton's largest industry sector within manufacturing is primary metals. The city is known for its history as a steel producer, but now the industry has grown to encompass engineering, product design, steel manufacturing, fabricated metal products, and final product commercialization.

Why is Hamilton so interesting? ›

The story of Alexander Hamilton speaks to audiences on so many levels. The motifs of revolution and fighting for one's rights, the power of people coming together to fight for a common cause, a celebration of freedom and democracy, and its messages of hope and perseverance resonate deeply with audiences.

What is the oldest street in Hamilton? ›

Concession Street is one of the oldest commercial districts in the City of Hamilton.

What does Little Chicago mean? ›

In the 1920s, North Platte was nicknamed "Little Chicago" because of a large amount of crime taking place. By Marresa Burke.

What is the richest area in Hamilton? ›

The region's most luxurious neighbourhoods, Ancaster Heights, Sulphur Springs and Durand South with average prices over $1.1 million. Proximity to independently owned retailers, gyms, bars and restaurants are some of the top liveability factors for the most affordable and luxurious neighbourhoods in Hamilton.

What is the most expensive street in Hamilton? ›

Hamilton's most expensive street was Kotahi Avenue in Beerescourt, with a median value of $2.57m across 11 properties; Tauranga's was Otira Close in Papamoa, with a median of $3.68m across 19 properties; and Dunedin's was School Rd North in Mosgiel with a median of $1.77m across 13 properties.

Why is Hamilton city so expensive? ›

Both Cubitt and the study say the issue is simply a result of demand outstripping supply in the big cities. The supply-demand imbalances pushed prices to historic highs in both the United States and Canada, even as incomes have rebounded since the start of the pandemic, according to the Oxford report.

How did Hamilton make so much money? ›

On Broadway, “Hamilton” is consistently selling out all 1,321 seats at the Richard Rodgers Theater and is currently grossing about $1.9 million a week in ticket sales. Simply by maintaining that pace, the show would bring in nearly $100 million a year (that's grosses, not profits).

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